Monday, February 2, 2009

New Website

We Have now setup our own website. this should make it a lot easier to view our range of kits, and see many more pictures of the models.

We will continue to use this blog to announce new products and give updates on production etc. but full information will now be given on the website.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Update

Progress has been a little slow over the last few months. In the main due to family illness and having a lot of work to do at my "Proper Job".However the first few Gunnison plows and Trash Gondolas have now been sent out. With more to follow shortly.The Pagosa Combine still has a little work to be done before release, but we hope to have it ready early spring.

New kits for this year will include the Water Car 0469, a prototype photograph is shown below.Two possible versions may be offered depending on interest.

1. With a Etched Brass Tank to wrap around a wooden former to produce the tank.
2.With a set of plans which you will stick to a sheet of styrene and emboss yourself as per this prototype model. Again wraping round a wooden former. (it takes a couple of hours to emboss the tank)
I you have interest in either please let me know.

The Laser cut frame around which the tank is built.

The self embossed styrene tank.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stock car with the new Andews trucks fitted on an almost level bit of track.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Trucks Now Available

As part of our expanding product line, we are introducing 3 new trucks. To be used under previously announced kits, as with the Ingoldsby trucks for the Alamosa Trash Gondola, and future kits the Andrews trucks for a 5900 series Stock car.

Initially the trucks will be available Separately and only directly from ourselves.
4’ 11” wheel base 40 ton Bettendorf trucks. As used under the Fish Belly Flats £33 per pair.
(Thanks to Mike Gray for producing the masters for this truck)

4’ 8” wheel base Andrews trucks. As used under the 5900 series stock cars before strengthening. £33 per pair.

Thanks to Mike Gray for producing the masters for this truck)

4’ 6” wheel base Ingoldsby Dump Car Trucks. Later used under the Alamosa Trash Gondola, also Conoco and TCX Tank cars.
£33 per pair.

Bearing Detail, all trucks will include ball bearings for improved running

An underside view of one the Bettendorf trucks

Parts for one truck included are all white metal castings, springs bearings and a short length of brass rod to hang the brake shoes. Not included are wheels, however we recommend Sierra valley 26"

Shipping UK £3, Europe £4, USA £6.50

Thursday, June 19, 2008

June Update

Rio Grande Southern 259
Our latest release will be replacement sides for the AMS Jackson Sharp coaches, to produce the Rio Grande Southern Combination car 259. The kit will include laser cut replacement sides, metal steps and grab handles.
The model is shown here in red (information I have is conflicting as to whether it ever wore red or green paint.)
Water side decals will soon be available, as an optional extra, produced by Stan Cedarleaf.
These kits will be available initially in limited quanties from Jonathan at Electric Model Works by early to mid July.

Availability of other kits.
Due to a problem with shipping a number of parcels sent to Electric Model Works were lost. These missing kits should be back in stock from mid July and include:
010145 Water service car, 06402 Boom car add on kit, replacement sides for the AMS J&S cars to produce coaches 300 and 292.

The Gunnison plow and Alamosa trash Gondola are now close to production,
We have purchased our own white metal casting machine and it is my intention to produce castings for all the parts that are not available from Ozark.
80% of the masters for these are now complete, and the remainder should be ready in the next few weeks.

Pagosa Combine 215
Shown below is a preproduction model of the Pagosa springs Combine. The kit will include laser cut sides, cupola and roof walk. Together with cast ladders, smoke stack etc. The only part to be completed is the roof lantern, and this again should be ready in a few weeks. The Cupola is designed to be built over the existing AMS roof without any cutting. But should you wish to cut the roof to include interior detail it is easy to do so.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Replacement Jackson Sharp Sides

Our latest project is replacement sides for the AMS Jackson Sharpe Passenger Cars


Here are a couple of pictures, of the prototypes. They are designed to be direct replacements for the AMS sides, and screw in position just like the originals.

There are 2 designs to start with 300 with single pane windows, and 292 with round corner windows.


292 will also include a set of celestory strips. This lasered section of clerestory wall and window frames will allow the masking over of the original AMS 11 window recessed clerestory with an accurate 13 window clerestory .
292 will also come with parts to convert it to 0292 MOW car.

Future designs will hopefully include an RGS combine (259), and a couple of cars currently running on the Durango and Silverton.

As usual they are made from laser cut ply.

Both cars will have window frames which can be set in the open position

Pricing Should be finalized in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

D&RGW 06402 Tender for ditcher OX

Our next project will be a Tender/boom car to run with the Car Works Ditcher.
It will be available in two forms. As a complete kit or as an add on to an AMS flat car.

Price TBA
Available Spring 2008
Below are a couple of shots of the prototype model.